Friday, December 10, 2010

Lose the weight - Park Away

I mentioned this tip the other day, but wanted to expand on it for a moment today. The average parking lot extends about a hundred yards from the shopping center it serves. Most people will try to find a parking space close to the store so that they do not have to walk any farther than is necessary. They may even drive around parking lot several times in hopes that one of the nearest spots to the front doors will open up. Consequently, the parking spaces farthest away from the door are always readily available for those of us who are losing weight. Cool!

By parking at the end of the lot, as far away as possible from the entrance, you will add about a hundred steps to your daily walking efforts (you should take ten thousand steps a day). Add a hundred steps to your trip around the store, and you will have gathered eight hundred to one thousand steps.

Do the same at work, at the mall, at lunch and you will easily obtain your ten thousand steps.

Here is another tip along the same line – If your destination is with-in a half a mile of where you have parked the car, walk (do not drive). The average person can easily walk a half a mile in ten minutes. That is a round trip of twenty minutes. You will add a full mile to your daily walking and you will feel invigorated and proud upon your return. You might even brag about your little walk to your family or fellow office workers who drove to the corner for a doughnut.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be back on Monday.

Patrick "Fatman" Wellman

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